Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July ... ANCESTRAL WINES and ANCIENT GRAINS ...

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July ... ANCESTRAL WINES and ANCIENT GRAINS ...

ANCESTRAL WINES and ANCIENT GRAINS… To re-discover the flavors of tradition!

Those who have been following us for some time know how important the bond with our land is for us ... and how much effort we put into product search that we offer during the tastings of our wines ... which must reflect our production philosophy but, also, the intent of the artisans of our areas of safeguard the traditions of the past

One of these people is Luigi Pietorri di Ciano (Zocca) who for some years has dedicated himself to cultivation of ancient grains (miracle grain, senatore cappelli, gentil rosso) which are then rigorously stone ground to obtain high quality untreated organic flours with a low gluten content.

Luigi will be our guest on 23 and 24 July from 19:30 onwards

Together with him there will be a pizza chef with thirty years of experience who will cook, in a old wood-burning oven restored, exquisite pizzas , which thanks to the mixture with these flours and thanks to the very long leavening (at least 72 hours) will be light and highly digestible.

In combination we will propose ours Ancestral Wines to spontaneous re-fermentation in the bottle, with sediment or blossomed… you will be the one to choose the “combination” that most tempts your palate !!

You can taste ALL KINDS of PIZZAS that will be proposed during the evening ... without limits ...

A little bit of MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND will keep us company during dinner.

For those who want it it is possible to visit the cellar.

THE COST of the EVENING is € 18.00 per person ... (drinks not included)

CHILDREN up to 5 years FREE

CHILDREN from 5 to 12 years € 12.00

As always, we ask you to BOOK to have the table reserved and allow us to keep our distance in compliance with current regulations


Giorgia cell. 335 1018476

Francesco cell. 329 7779326

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