Italian Quality Tradition

Vinum Laetificat cor hominis

Wine restores men’s hearts , Latin stated. Every glass, every bottle hides an old history passed on from one generation to another thanks to the efforts of oenologists, agronomists and farmers that every day work with accuracy and commitment.

In every glass of TERRAQUILIA wine it is possible to taste not just special flavours and aromas, but a whole world made of tradition and search for quality, expression of an extraordinary terroir and culture.

The name TERRAQUILIA is a tribute to our roots: Terra Aquilia was the ancient name for Guiglia, a town nestled in a unique environment, enhanced by the Regional Park of Sassi di Roccamalatina, the beautiful rural villages and the historical monuments like Conventino, Montecuccoli Oratory and the Romanic Church of Trebbio.

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