The Artisan Panettone


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ntica ricetta originale per questo panettone classico, che viene prodotto ricercando e selezionando rigorosamente le migliori materie prime e i migliori ingredienti.
For over a century, the same WHITE MOTHER YEAST has been used: always and only that which is refreshed and renewed daily WITHOUT ADDING CHEMICAL YEAST. This combination of water and flour contains specific families of microorganisms that allow a NATURAL FERMENATION.
The other ingredients also do not allow exceptions: selected flours, very fresh eggs and FIRST CHOICE BUTTER combined with SULTANINE RAISINS with thin skin, CANDIED PEEL of orange and cedar from the sunny south of Italy and fragrant VANILLA BERRIES from Madagascar.
The processing takes a total of THREE DAYS and requires great experience to give the product an EXTRAORDINARY LIGHTNESS and DIGESTIBILITY.
A set of balances that reflects a choice of ARTISAN PRODUCTION without the use of chemical flavorings, dyes or preservatives .... in perfect harmony with the TerraQuilia philosophy!

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