ADUA VILLA writes about our 2018 Ancestral Native

ADUA VILLA writes about our 2018 Ancestral Native

Adua Villa she is an entrepreneur and digital storyteller, sommelier and writer, founder of Globetrotter Gourmet. He talks about his travels in the world of food & wine through social media and magazines. After 14 years of TV and Radio, to date he develops communication and storytelling projects for brands such as the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC and Regional Enoteca Emilia Romagna . A lover of the land, she has made her passion a profession that allows her to travel all over the world and enrich all her already vast experience in the field of food and wine.

And it is Adua who has chosen ours Ancestral Native 2018 as an ideal match for a gourmet vegetarian menu ...

And it is she whom we sincerely thank for having dedicated a space to us inside the magazine Natural Style in the month of January.

Here are the pages of the magazine .. good reading!

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