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Born from the love for the land and its fruits, in full respect of natur, the winery TerraQuilia is located in the municipality of Guiglia (MO), in a pristine natural setting. The producer Romano Mattioli has willed and designed for those who love and appreciate wine as expression of a production philosophy that has ancient roots.

At about 490 meters above sea level, the vineyards and the cellar they are treated in accordance with tradition, linked to the cycles of the seasons and to the slow and ponderated rhythms of nature, creating the right balance between vineyard and wine. All our proposals interpret the tradition of this land that has been handed down by the first true natural wine producers, our ancestors farmers who, without the support of modern technology, knew how to exploit the course of the season to control the phases of fermentation.


Our three vineyards

All the vineyards are located between 400 m and 500 m above sea level in the municipality of Guiglia

Conca d'Oro

South-facing vineyard. The soil is composed of clay, sand and silt.

This is the experimental vineyard, the first plant where we grow almost all varieties: Lambrusco Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile, Sangiovese, Pignoletto, Trebbiano, Muscat, Malvasia and Traminer.

Fratelli Bandiera

South-West facing vineyard . The soil is composed of clay, and silt.

Here red grapes are cultivated : Lambrusco Grasparossa and Malbo Gentile.

Homestead La Riva

Noth-facing vineyard , always sunny . The soil is composed of black clay and stones.

Here we cultivate mainly Sangiovese and white grapes: Pignoletto, Trebbiano, Muscat, Malvasia and Verdicchio.

Our history

Wines re-fermented in bottle with its own natural sediment: from Arturo Mattioli until nowadays

first vineyard


It all started in the farm Conca d'Oro in Guiglia, a beautiful valley surrounded by nature at about 490 mt s.l.m. and behind it the hill and the castle to protect it.

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first seat


It comes the need to restructure the tool shed and make it a functioning winery, with all the required standards.

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the brand was born TerraQuilia


Start the commercialization of the first bottles and Romano tries to link the logo to the place where these particular wines are produced.

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two other farms


The farm expands, purchasing, still in the municipality of Guiglia, two farms with different exposure settings suitable for the production of the various grape varieties to be grown.

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Verdicchio di Guiglia


Thanks to Mr. Guerra discover and record an ancient vine: VERDICCHIO of Guiglia.

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natural wine


He was born the need to emphasize the natural way of producing wine and we take, first, the real responsibility to write on the label total sulfur compound present.

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new home


We build in `` the farm Riva`` the present seat, born following eco-sustainability concepts, built with wood materials, equipped with a modern photovoltaic system and recovery of rainwater.

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The Tre Sassi


Presentation at the Vinitaly THREE SASSI wine made from Verdicchio di Guiglia

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Our philosophy

Our wines are made with our ancestral method

The Ancestral Method has its origins in ancient times, when people produced wines with fine and elegant bubbles in the absence of appropriate technologies and it was nature that dictates the times and winemaking occurred two spontaneous fermentation: the first in the vat before winter and the second in the bottle during the spring. Here in TerraQuilia we thought it right to reinterpret in a more real, true and complete this method, making wine without added sugar or yeasts and without filtering. We stress that for all our wines represent them label the very low residual sulfites and anyway everyone is obtained without addition of other substances authorized for oenological use.

Special Offers

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Discount of 15%


Year: 2018

Grapes: Grechetto Gentile with small part Trebbiano.

Color: Pale yellow load.

Bouquet and Taste: ripe yellow fruit (peach and apricot), intensity and structure balanced by a pleasant freshness and a slight tannic.

Alcol: 12,5%

Serving temperature: 8/10 ° C

Format: 75 cl

White vinification after cold maceration on the lees.

Suggested pairings: Risotto alla Marinara, Media Aged Cheese, White Meat.

Discount of 15%

Terrebianche Zero


Grechetto Gentile (Pignoletto) with a part of Trebbiano R.

White vinification after cold maceration on the lees.

Disgorging à la volée after 15 months on the lees.

Crisp yellow fruit balanced by a marked and refreshing acidity. Direct and inviting.


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