The Grappa of Falconero




Raw material of great quality and concentration, thanks to a lot of manual work in the vineyard and extremely low yields per hectare, typical of mountain viticulture;
intense aromas, children of marked thermal excursions.
Extremely soft pressing aimed at extracting only the free-run must, the only possible basis for our Lambrusco Falconero;
All this originates intact and fragrant pomace, ideal for giving life to a high quality distillate.
A heartfelt thanks to AQVILEIA Distillery, which made this transformation possible with ancient and wise gestures: the distillation in discontinuous still with steam boilers enhances the olfactory profile of our Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes and will leave you an intense and soft memory on the palate.
Serve at 12 ° C in small glasses. Health !

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