Do you have plans for May 14th?!

The tour begins of the National Association of Emilia Romagna Women of Wine in Scandiano at the Rocca dei Boiardo!
I'll be there too with all the other women of Emilia Romagna wine!

Paola Gorgatti, Silvia Costi, Elisa Maghenzani, Francesca Marastoni, Milena Falcioni, Maura Gigatti, Angela Sini, Silvia Mandini, Silvia Corazza, Irene Cigola and Gaia Bucciarelli
We hope many of you will come! ❣️🥂🍷💪💥

Click on Municipality of Scandiano https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=298826145772834&id=100069363512998

The National Association of Women of Wine is always at the forefront to promote projects on the culture of wine and to raise funds to be donated to charity…. Long live the Women of Emilia Romagna Wine!!!

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