07 Maggio 2022 10:30-18:00

First edition for Malbiamoci - Culture of Malbo Gentile,

cultural event organized by the Pro Loco of Serramazzoni in collaboration with the Hotel and Catering School of Serramazzoni and with the participation of Slow Food Terre del Frignano.

The day aims to promote and make known a vine still little known and of great value, the MALBO GENTILE, registered in the National Register of vine varieties in 1995 and whose origins are still much debated today. The malbo, with its black berry, is mostly used in blends for the production of Lambrusco, and is characterized by a high sugar value, but its versatility makes it ideal to use alone for the production of both still, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, and also passiti, and is often used for the production of sweet wines.

In the part dedicated to conferences, thanks to short but incisive interventions chosen with care, history and stories related to the gentle malbo will be collected .... Numerous wineries will be present at the event, to bring each one the his own personal interpretation of the gentle evil, and will animate the sensorial part with tasting itineraries.

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