WINERIES OPEN 29 and 30 May 2021

WINERIES OPEN 29 and 30 May 2021

The classic annual event .... the most awaited for wine lovers and, in our case, for fans of the ancestral method !!!

This year we start again with renewed energy and offer some news ...


- a special taste: ours THIRTEENTH MOON! The Falconero and the Native Ancestral vintage 2016

Wine tasting … Of course you can choose from all the other labels

-in combination… .le delicacies typical of our area produced by local artisans

Visits to the cellar with in-depth analysis of our winemaking method (10: 30- 13: 30- 15:30) led by one of our experts

-during the day Volleyball outlet… (you will do it manually !!)

SATURDAY 29 at 10:30 am

Mini trekking discovering our beautiful area ... walking through woods and vineyards between the old and new headquarters ... and a stop in the historic village of Guiglia and the panoramic terrace, the "balcony of Emilia"

Accompanied by one Professional Tourist and Environmental Guide

SATURDAY 29 starting from 18:00

-Musical entertainment live with the T-QUARTET….tasting in time of jazzwith aperitif!

The awakening of the senses ... let your gaze get lost in the rolling hills and verdant vineyards, let yourself be pampered by the peace of the place, breathe the pristine air and savor the genuine taste of tradition

... in short ... we promise you a "two days" of relaxation surrounded by nature, pampered by good wine and good company!

We remind you however the need to BOOK to ensure a quality welcome and respectful of the regulations ... health and safety in the first place.

Giorgia 335 1018476

Francesco 329 7779326

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